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In de Asia-Pacific Shorts vinden diverse personen hun toevlucht bij hun vrienden en familie, in hun activisme en in hun dromen. Deze collectie van kortfilms toont het beste van de nieuwe queer cinema uit Azië, en inspireert met kleurrijke pluraliteit.


Experimental Short, The Philippines, 2014, 10 min – Directed by Rod Singh  

No Dialogue.

Alindanaw (a butterfly that keeps on flying) is a silent film about the journey of an Alien in search of its identity and a safe haven. The film explores the parallelism between a butterfly, an alien and a transgender. 


Phantom Jenny 

Narrative Short, Japan, 2015, 29 min. – Directed by Kazuomi Makita

Dialogue: Japanese, Thai        Subtitles: English

Mito, who is MtF trans, comes back home after having gender confirmation surgery in Thailand. As she inserts a dilator into her newly-built vagina, she finds herself having a feeling of phantom penis erection. Mito keeps this secret to herself until one day she tells it to her FtM trans roommate, Shiro. Shiro tries to help Mito solve her erection problem in the most intimate way. 


Any Other Day 

Narrative Short, India, 2015, 12 min. – Directed by Srikant Ananthkrishnan, Vikrant Dhote

Dialogue: Marathi    Subtitles: English

Where are we to turn when the ones sworn to protect us are the ones against whom we must be protected? It was just another day for Kabir and Arnav. But their lives take a turn for the worse when two cops decide to make a spectacle of them. As the night unfolds, help comes from an unlikely source who goes on to unmask the hypocrisy of our society.

A Naked Boy 

Narrative Short, South Korea, 2015, 22 min. – Directed by Jang Young-sun

Dialogue: Korean    Subtitles: English

A teacher suffers from hallucinations of seeing one of his students naked in class. In order to solve the issue, he goes to visit the student, but does this visit have something to do with the teacher's past? 


Kill the Gay 

Experimental Short, China, 2016, 7 min. – Directed by Wan Qing 

Dialogue: Chinese    Subtitles: English

One person: Qui Bai, a lesbian. 

Two space-time: dream and reality. 

Two story lines in the dream: Qiu Bai reads out homophobic sentences from Chinese textbooks in public - Qiu Bai is having sex with a woman. 

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